Tuesday, March 24, 2020

1 of 2 Slovenian Simona involved in MKultra identified at Fujitsu Lodz in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/mfm1AabCjUU

Identified are H&M store where Simona once even worked in Kranj where she used to study. Probably in 2013(perhps even in 2010) is that store closed down....this was her forst job during univeristy studies in Kranj as I remember she told me under MKultra...and as much as everyone from Slovenian elite protested AGAINST H&M stores in Slovenia for what I was even blamed for by Pahor and his birds, Simona remained greateful for job which opened her career in Fujitsu(I hope wonderful girl gets much further in life). My memory widened as creating video - its just that one has to concentrate on subject and is okay.

Identified in video is also what I recall a funeral in 2013 which in fact was a Simona's graduation where she also took me :))))

Close to identified, but confused(I state as number one correct location BTC in Ljubljana) is also COS store located inside of the H&M store as the only such store in Slovenia(out of 11 something stores) which was and is deliberfately listed at wrong address to ensure I trully knew whaat I talked about - talked out of memory and this is as close as one can get to facts under circumstances I was in.

In part 2 of 2, I demonstrate how I recognised her in Fujitsu - pointed out her education location despite very tricky approach. She tested me trully well before giving more info aabout herself.

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