Monday, March 9, 2020

Old man from Ukraine who became my roommate and Armenian guy are both okay

They both obligated themselves to cause me problems for following reasons:

Armenian guy did it for other Armenians who helped me at their requests - its what they claimed will be their way out after helping me...they talked about not going big.

Old man from Ukraine, however, had suspicious with others that I may truly have some racist tendencies...he didn't pushed issues only in respect to black people when calling me DADJA while gesturing me that I became fit for Africa(he insisted under MKultra would do if I would begun to support other races and black people), but he also pushed issue infront of me with other roommate as per if he can possibly imagine him sleeping with Russians in same room(also brainwashed me under ...if he wouldn't explain to me under MKultra that I will be tested, I would truly assume for MKultra with NOOOO) him to be racist bigot.

So its all good to both individuals. I can deal with that physical damage although I have to tell you that my car was also trespassed into and items such as glass frames bent even impossible to keep track about everything that goes on.

Stuff like this doesn't come to you immediately, but one eventually reminds himself of manipulations...

It also was this Armenian guy who brought other Armenians for rescue mission...they are very good fellows this Armenians, but after two years of what I have gone through it becomes job impossible to hold it back when you know who does it as is done almost infront of you - and even evilish laughing at you to add extra fuel...

I also have broken tooth(second molar) for which I was told will have and have had British waiting on me in Lowitz same day as it happened to remind me of broken tooth(British girl involved in Mkultra). Some three months like this was either radio or Bluetooth controlled ampule inserted in my plumb on what one was activated for whatever substance spill out of one and break tooth away...this is a fact and not joke or lie or imagination. I was brainwashed under MKultra on sweets and length of ability to hold on to tooth pain if eating them when this will happen...when subjected to MKultra, they inserted me on this exact side of dent something metal(placed temporary on gum some metal object that hurt when subjected to MKultra) that hurt me when I ate - it sticked into more and more swollen gums each time I would bite have nooo f**** idea what this was all about...still is.

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