Saturday, March 28, 2020

At 1530 hours told by roomate from Ukraine involved in MKultra from early stages to leave room as he is about to sleep

Computer restaring itself ongoingly disallowing me work - caused most likely by local wi/fi.

5 months ago building where labor inspectorate was identified(incl.labor inspector alone who was involved in MKultra procedure to help) and would like to place one on line as one relates to Fujitsu distanced just some 20 meters from one...further mentioned job was conditioned via heavy bullying at health examination. Andrzej Duda conditioned MKultra proofs via variatey of mentioned stages, and this stage alone was conditioned via heavy bullying for which proof I also have...

For publishing something like this(MKultra order) we will errase all your audios etc...blaah blah blah, but I did left room as old man even threatened with what he referred to me already as second time, "night procedure"(what he had and has in his mind I have no clue, but is better to stay away from one - is in good agreement with mister hostel owner for which I have already explained they had no intentions to go any further because according to MKultra info. if is to belive one, building owner in great relation with Lodz police dpt. was setup by police in 2013 and so ona and so forth blah blah MKultra is nothing but lie for you to know).

Will concentrate instead on obtaining new rental as .I knthis is road to nowhere. I will not play according to this type of notes.

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