Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Involved in my MKultra case from very beginning Barbara Kaczmarek is now dead as well - media leaves me message on article's title as "nobody lives for him/herself and nobody is dyeing for him/herself"

Polish attitude toward me is far worst that what what Soviet was during USSR. 

@Pollacks...How many of you were arround when I was tortured even in psychiatric hospital known as "Ljubljana Polje" and outside of one by one implementing most inhumane methods against me for no less than 5 years !!???? Really really none...there is a grafiti not far from here which I was demonstrated sometimes in 2015 and one states, "TOY IS STILL ALIVE" in plain English language - its where I was brought from Slovenian mental hospital and again reminded on who I was if stuff with Lodz Univeristy wasn't scary enough. It wasn't done because Americans/British/ Germans demanded it, but because society is chronically ill and degenerated. Real schizophrenia and alchohol rule here. And those even most resistant/healthy, are made sick like it or not.

I am not German, and what Americans have done via Trump is beyond barbaric - but I am not Pollack or Russian or whatever either. I am what they tried to take way from me the most because of traitors we have in Slovenia. Left into world at age 23 for better life and ended at age 48 as you see and where you see - deprived of no less than two civilised quality citizenships.

Wheather this artcile would or not "benefit" my case I do not know, but I understand this country as insanely wierd and more and more wicket due to imported MKultra method which took one completelly over just as the case is with entire Estern Europe. Major of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz was murdered not even year ago and so it goes all normal nothing new. Come to Poland invest money, money is not yours, you don't exist(you become a p;iece public property on whom can be spit on, punched, humiliated infront of masses - students, ongoingly threateend with death and so on). Don't talk to Germans, don't talk to Japanese, Don't talk to Hungarian s/British /Italians /Americans unless you talk about them bad. Mapped road of total schizoa paranoi which Polish/Belarus governments created under MKultra for 2017 Belarus via Ukraine, was map of abductions/terror/ death threats. They would drag me from one city to another - walked when drugged up right next to me and next to being punched in stomach have also acted to either punch me or stab me in one(THEY ONGOINGLY REHEARSED STOMACH PUNCHING SCENARIOS IN 2017) when on my way to Belarus - DON'T GO TO AMERICAN HOTELS OR THEY WILL ABDUCT YOU, DON'T GO INTO ANY BUILDINGS WHERE NOT ON PUBLIC EYE BECAUSE YOU WILL DISAPPEAR AT ANY MOMENT - THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO ENTER. "HIJACKERS" WERE WESTERNERS AND CREATOR OF SHIZOA WAS NOT ONE ELSE THAN KREMLINSKI PUTAN PUTANOWICH. 

Scary part about it all is that it was done in Poland and Lviv(thats Ukraine). TERESPOL, BIALA PODLASKA, LUBLIN - THEY HAD MKULTRA STAFF MEMBER(ARTIST) FROM BIALA PODLASKA INVOLVED IN IT(lives in Warszaw) WHO WOULD CARRY SOME SORT OF SUPER HEAVY ART EQUIPMENT WITH HIM IN SAME DIRECTION AS I WENT TOWRD BELARUS ON WHAT ONE LURED ME TO TAKE REST IN PODLASKA WHICH I DID WITH IDEA TO GET SLEEP AFTER UNREST - ITS FOR HIS EQUIMPMENT STORED IN BAGS I WAS TOLD HAS TOOL TO CHOP PEOPLE AND SO ON, AND ONCE I GOT TO A PROMISSED CHEAP LOCATION I HAVE FOUND MYSELF WHERE I WOULD FREQUENTLY STAY WITH MKULTRA STAFF MEMBERS WHENEVER TAKEN TO PODLASKA(same room). You can imagine, I sure ran for life out of the hell hole and goodbye ws given to me by a group of local kids who punched me in stomach just two years ealier as pleased - for joy...for fun. Just because I was drugged up really as otherwise they act polite/nice and this is the scariest part about Poland to me.

Biala Podlaska had lost of Jewish population which was decimated. Lviv had one, and many other points where I was brought - for all I was told Israel finaced terror against me(they most liklely impersonated Netanyahu in Belarus despite my meeting and having fun with his beutiful niece in Budapest that same year - they branded her on the side as Slovakian gypsy as well), but it was evill Jew after all - Jew according to Polish/Belarus heads who was trying to whack me, grab me/ hijack me(AREA ARROUND HOME IN NOVO MESTO, SLOVENIA WHERE MELANIA TRUMP IS FROM WAS MAPPED WITH JEWISH SNIPER THREATS ON ALMOST EVERY 200 METERS - HIJACKERS ACCORDING TO MKULTRA WERE HIDING IN CORNFIELDS AND WERE WAITING ON ME NEXT TO HIGHWAY IN NEAR REST AREA) shizoa went as far as using individual from Bulgaria impersonating Jew inside of immigration center inside of my room at any time you will be transported to Israel boy...at any time...On a way to Ukraine via Lublin - from Lublin in direction to Lviv, Polish police orchestrated sometimes in 1999/2000(its what they rehearsed partially in 2017) what hijacking attempt will look like in the future by my having on bus undercover police officer who save dmy life and son on...this was a real terror that was orchestrated and with guns.

Lithianian partial paraplegic in Vitebsk's room(immigration center) was with me in Israel for real when subjected to MKultra - the one who knew Putin personally yes as I played audio recording...Bugarian left bus ticket on table of how he arrived and according to MKultra brainwash had plan to make me disappeaar via Lithuania(Grodno is where total shizoa was implemented - its where numerous Jews were executed during WWII as well)...severe brainwash about Belarus who would load me into trunk and just take me accross the border to Lithuania from where I would disappear...Putin that will help me - try to keep me safe...Make sure on your way back to not go via Brest as Ukrainians are waiting for you in there - evill Poroshenko have his team ready...total shizoa orchestrated on border with Poland right there(border with EU) through which I wouldn't be aallowed to let go since I haven't paid exit taxes from Belarus - it was about f**** EU - taken to local police station where threatened under MKultra if entering one they will claim I have attacked them by border guards...border guards where Lukashenko suposedly even served as border guard and its where his family is partially from(suposedly) had pointed guns with me for mentioned opportunity - rehearsed my execution under MKultra on multiple times as case will be on way to police station if I wouldn't pay taxes which ended in fiering blank bullets in me and so on...but it ws for my good as I was told by Lukashenko's associates - because he would want me to work right next to him in office and just wanted to make sure am normal not suffering from anxiety and so on...then fu**y fa**y in Vitebsk with Tatianushka during which I ws brough to Poland for 2019...and neighbor who spent time in Poland commencing play with directed energy weapons and gain psychitric terror run for life and so on...

It is safe to conclude that Poland is far from civilised world despite acting arround me as normal/civilised and even supportive. On latest job at Fujitsu as I was told case will be, I was even reminded that I go there for nothing more than coffee by a local store sales workers/cleaners and so on who work so hard you know...TOLD UNDER MKULTRA WILL NOT HAVE OPTION OTHER THAN TO STAY HERE AS MY HEALTH WILL BE RUINED TO DISABILITY POINT.

Polish God, not mine. 
Yes off course I am gulity for Poland to take nazi path because of my revealing the truth - not shit you see up here and people who saw/heard, and know nothing about what was done and future plans for world. Not that one not. If you will talk...if you will say...@DUDA - WE WILL GO WITH THE ONE THAT PAYS MORE NO !!??????

Was told yesteray by my nonimediate boss that he is just fine with having food, and roof over the head unlike many people who cant be without electricity...told him to feel the same, and I do temporary. But not that I would lock myself into Soviet alike insanity(perhaps reject personal ambitions on which world is based !!???) and reject what world owes me and to handshake with normal people from wherever they are while watching Eastern European politicins Putin/Kaczynski alike do exactly the opposite with stolen money much from me alone. Its not how it works with me. NOT MY RELIGION, NOT MY GOD, NOT MY LIFE GOALS. Its their wold of crime where life doesn't have any value at all...its their world where vodka and along with vodka schizophrenia rules - not mine.

And this is what I was brought from US to Europen Union state known as Poland for !!???? This is where I would build my future - its where you invest hope into after 25 years of life was erased from you via currupt foreign Trumpets !!????

Its not only they are getting more and more wealthy with stollen public money, its they appetites for insanity(total disrespect for human dignity) against society that are growing along all that stolen money(Miami was a bad place for me according to Eastern European leaders mostly Russians, but great for their babies via which they obtain US citizenship when giving them birth inside of their highrises on American soil - if not already marrying Duch as Maria Putina did)...

UNFORTUNATELY FOR EASTERN EUROPEAN SHIZOS WHO OFTEN TIMES ARE ALSO HOMOPHOBES AND NOT ONLY RACISTS, TO PROVIDE FOOD FOR MYSELF AND BE BENEFICIAL FOR SOCIETY - ONE MUST BE IN GOOD RELATION WITH WORLD AS WHOLE(and how will those who belive in humanity abroad belive in us if we are to set hostility standards for humanity in our own countries !!??? Talking about those who invested their hope in fighting nazism during WWII for the sake of hunmanity which saved Eastern Europe - those from Britain, US, France, Norway, and so on yes those). UNFORTUNATELY FOR EASTERN EUROPEAN SHIZOS, IF WE ARE NOT GOOD FOR OURSELVES FIRST, WE CAN'T BE GOOD FOR ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE EITHER. THIS ARE JUST PLAIN FACTS OF LIFE AND THOSE WHO SAY NO TO THEM ARE LYING TO THEMSELVES.

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