Wednesday, March 18, 2020

THE Main reason for electroshock introduction into MKultra torture

was a Dutch king who is just four years older than myself and Dan Andersson of Avesta, Sweden. Dan Andersson and Norwegian Helle Bjorklund were two first MKultra staff members from overseas who came to meet me to Miami. The story on how MKultra is there to help me become wealthy quickly lost its sense as in 1996 already upon my mistaking lookalike Dan with Willem-Alexander of Netherlands(I have mistaken Willem with Dan to be exact here)  one ordered electroshocking to be inserred during his pressence - I cite outlandish Hollandish garbage, "there is no need for him to remember me at all" - practice was almost simultaniously addapted by Russians and Americans and here and then by others as well. Norwegians protested something, but not for much time...electroshocking became normal procedure parallel to MKultra. This is why too...Willem Alexander was and is just a fat semi retarded bully who seats on money and aristocratis connections. I believe even his own wife does't feel much for this insensitive creature. In one word "animal".

This was his contrbution to my case. From what used to be quite abrupt ECT sessions, technology advanced to the point one wouldn't even know ECT was done on him/her if subjected to MKultra.

I am ashamed to have advocated such evill publicly, but I did. Shame yes.

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