Thursday, March 19, 2020

Possibility exists also that some parties acted nicer than others to open new channels in my head as per where to go next and so on

It was all for nothing. Whole thing  didn't made single grain of sense in any way other than to ruin eomsone's life in most sadistic ways possible. Thank you for help to those who did their best to help, but I will continue to follow my own path.

They(Trump, Netanyahu, and Poles and others contemplated on more and more manipulation via what you see here) did talked about connections such as Lodz Lisbon(Fujitsu) from where Israelis would took off and other possible locations...none of which will ever become reality for either good or bad.

Whatever was was and no longer count on it as I alone am considering your crimes from the past as tactic used again in present for the sake of your future which ruined my life. This includes personal relationshits regardless of how special those may be to some. NO MEANS NO !!!

@Poland - you got paid for more crime against me, but its up to me to place price tag on your bribes. The worst country in the world you are.

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