Saturday, March 14, 2020

What FREE wavepad demo version is

Telephones both came with 3gpp audio file recorders - types of files difficult to open with just about anything other than wavepad sound editor which, however, again creates as only free option file known as .wpp

File known as .wpp., is impossible to open with anything other than mentioned program again and its even worse as FREE DEMO VERSION CUTS YOUR FILE EXPORTED FOR ABOUT 30% WITH BLACKMAILING OPTION TO PAY FOR ONE $99(400Zloty). 

If wanting to install another program, you cant because telephones stolen during sleep were repeatedly modified to this extend(one telephone purchased from ebay came already with option of downloading viruses from internet s soon as one connects to one and I never use one for any internet activities). Its a ripoff and crime on every millimeter of life. Add to this schizophrenic option in hostel, and you get idea of entertainment I get. Yeah, I just realized I lost two weeks of work.
You will not know what happened after saving file till you reopen one for final video cut...its when you realize you have been screwed.

Neighbor(a couple) who probably already disappeared to Ukraine, have in his urge to whack keyboard(cursor is jumping when typing as he most likely placed something underneath of one) even broke upper housing because he didn't know how to remove one - not only staffed LCD screen with trash...I tell you.

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