Wednesday, March 25, 2020

And for ALL lymph nodes information pertaining to MKultra case just talk to mentioned

psychologist who knew about this portion as well. Was teaching me to drink instead if I had too, soy milk - not regular...shouldt buy peanuts, but Brasilian nuts instead for which I will have no was at local Auchan store - right next to one where even pharmacist in pharmacy store who knew me from MKultra wouldnt sell me iodium/anything I could use - she instead insidted on my going to doctor for ecamination. They all know what went on here before...this is why.

Nice Ukrainian individual(this guy was out here to help only - roomate for a week) also involved in MKultra, however, contributed his part to lymph nodes issue...he left me seen here to remind me what went on. They ate this and it didnt help them either is what I was brainwashed with...whatever.

@psychologist...girl you did this bad, but I guess I never counted.

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