Thursday, March 19, 2020

Kaczynski gestured in 1999 that Poland agreed to end view on Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler as bad - that one would receive financial package based on resolution of here mentioned

Duda insisted there is city in Poland which is a NEONZI city and claimed for one to be Lodz.

I guess this is yet another sad legacy of Poland to the world. Another huge reason to avoid country/nation as whole.
Duda insisted will support me in nazi ideas which is something he has done all along MKultra procedure...either way, Jury from Belarus was 100% correct...Poland is country where everything is on sale !!! 

In my own eyes from what I have lerned, Jesus the most.

Duda claimed that no other city in Poland would do something like this to help me, but that he did arraigned it with I guess Lodz...yeah am certain he is mentally sick, but he is not alone.

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