Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I also refuse to have anything further to do with mentioned psychologist

Lady you saw standing next to store entrance cried in my ears that she loves me and will be sad when leaving like many others prior to myself. She kept her promise because this is far as you can count when it comes to promises in Poland.

When she dated other men, it was because I deserved it(never was problem for me her dating "other men" issue - I allways want people to be happy and since you aren't there to maake one happy I see no purpose in loneliness for loved one, but did I deserved it !!???? If I deserved it, her views were inline with those in Poland who deemed had the right to torture and play victims infront of me afterwards rather than to act civilized) and I deserved because according to her I acted stupid(who cares how/who made me look/act stupid - right !!???)

Was also guilty of womanizing under MKultra and finally of inappropriate behavior for giving her compliments on Facebook('to jak sie zachowałeś przekreśla wszystko" is what I was told and blocked)...Specially I do not believe in those who were involved in it from beginning and have waited whole procedure to go through to meet me publicly at the end as I was told case will be - to be recognized. She knew about it all way too much, and have done less than nothing about it.

Beside her, don't want to have anything with anyone from the past involved in my life. MKultra or non MKultra. Once over is over for good.

I was and as such have determined am no good for you(they tried to pin on picture also niece of Netanyhu and its all for nothing). Over means over. End - no more.

Left with no choice, I leave no choice.

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