Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Poles and Ukrainins insisted Westerners which invested money in two with preconditions to assist me in MKultra(they did agreed to those for the sake of money), but

will not do as agreed no matter what. 

Can you see link between this hostel and Grotniki !!???? They tried same drama comedy already before, but were rejected twice as per my giving hope/trust in hands of folly people acknowledged as fake(liars) and malicious in their dealings. 

Final solution on nothing(they tried to play with hope while collecting side money paid from outside) is allways presented upon departure.

I have proven my MKultra case to international community already way back(way prior to arrival to Nowy Targ/Zakopane in 2018) and it appears to me as if hostage/exhtortion type of relationship existed and exists between the two poles(Eastern Europe and international community in respect to this case).

On one side "if you will not see them like this and like that" and on the other "you insulted this and that"...

The thing is I refuse to see it other way as is. This case opened door for coming death of billions(torture/death via one is new good - is okay). You will see what is coming.

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