Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I got attacked las night by directed energy weapon which resembled heart attack

And just as I was told case will be in room at he end of the hallway and edge of the hostel - they played with this issues too and its where I am at now.

Never had single pain in my heart area in life time and am regularly doing pushups - since I somewhat recuperated from disc injury. Roomate from Ukraine according to whom(told me under MKultra he suffers from some rear medical condition already in in at least 2015 if not earlier) begun to talk last night with probably his wife in Ukraine in Ukrainian/Russian about % of people who !?(die) most likely related to his problem...not coincidence.

Just as told case will be. UN =  hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing.

Folks...this whole thing is a crap. Atravk easily vould have neen done from several directions incl. bellow.

Kaczinsky had me under MKultea also in hispitals - was in deveral deppartments for heart. This is f**" up.

I remember kirurgs from Lodz hospitals and one even met me tp remind me in 2018 in Grotnikah...was ptomissed this.

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