Sunday, March 15, 2020

MKULTRA: Chief of Fujitsu for Lodz operations identified via MKultra on second day of training

Probably some additional 30 + people were identified so far in Fujitsu company. Started training there on 25th Feb. or far as hostel, probably 30+....if you add to that numerous other proofs about city and people I met outside of the company,, there is work left for me for t lest another two years...chief of the police in Lodz helped me recognize city garage behind main police station where we would go often times with Trump for security briefing. You know stairs(those that lead downstairs into garage right next to police station if they still exist - was there the other day and have peeked across the fence and memory came to life about what went on - and I thank you for that matter as well) to garage while background of police was totally remodeled with new construction and so know...ENTIRE CITY IDENTIFIED AND LONG NUMEROUS WITNESSES(domestic and from abroad) !!!

As far as the individual who sold car and my previous will get you day on court(a chance to talk) which in case you will miss to disclose to judge on your own(voluntarily), I will only continue to point out your greed used against me and people of Poland via which you hoped to break me down via torture after enduring crippling at local factory as will disclose everything upon my brief account to judge about what went on.

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