Saturday, March 14, 2020

China silent no more - finally condemns(CALLS ONE OUT STRAIGHT IN THE FACE INFRONT OF THE WORLD FOR WHAT IT IS) American global neonazi politic

Its  politic that deprived once the greatest country in the world of its glorious past. Lets not forget America was the first country to openly turn through civil war toward equality oriented society - country that crushed Adolf Hitler and prior to Hitler even own Madison Square Garden's nazis !!! And so I pray and not for the sake of the world only as world this time is much stronger than Western economies altogether, but for American people to take side on time for their own sake as there is no place for people like Donald Trump(HATRED) in this world. This is a Buckingham palace, White House, Berlin, and Rome's politic which few other rather meaningless puppet states will follow - and even this IF because whole thing is rather a test to see how much will world take them seriously(they would abandon plan as soon as things wouldn't work out is what I was told - idea is ton detect and then again repenetrate inside of resistant systems with additional issues till global picture would fit swastika needs).

I also call Russian people on standoff against Vladimir Putin(neonazi servant clown with few other traitors which sold Russia to foreig swastika interests for their personal banking needs) who would like to become president AGAIN and so on...Putin is well well aware of truth about myself and him personally coming out - the only way is to seat in stolen presidentil seat and do what he have done with his teacher Anatoly Sobchak(involved in MKultra along with his daughter from begining stages) and many others.

The truth about Coronavirus will come out and I hope one will eventually unite nations in war against eternal evil which costed earth so much pain and suffering...

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