Thursday, March 19, 2020

Even rifles were pointed at me 100 meters from immigration center in Grotnikah(Duda and Kaczynski have a funny sense for humor)

I will release everything. This trully is like Trump have stated, "ANIMALS"(its how he called them - I disagreed as he alone is a beast but to act like this is abnormal).
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

They pointed rifles at me just 100 meters from immigration center in Grotnikih in 2019 - not real guns, but you couldn't tell the difference unless told. I uploaded material to internet first and then returned with idea to get things straight, but uniformed boys which pointed guns at me also under MKultra took off because they knew what walked their way. 

Doctor next door to Grotniki immigration center witnessed here stated pointing guns at me under MKultra and can(he should, but am certain won't) confirm stated as FACT. Doctor in fact stated me that if he sees me walking back when they stage incident in real time, he will see me as non intelectual what would reduce my score about me in his mind. They were lucky to be gone on time - once material was uploaded I didn't bother to call even police. I will play you audio about incident as well.

Have audio recording which proves violence staged even outside of immigration center. I will let everything out. 

To subject someone to MKultra torture, point gun at one, and repeat it in real time is not exactly humane...

Let world see how Poland confessed about ruining 25 years of life.

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