Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Letter already sent to Fujitsu

Dear Mr. Takahito Tokita of Fujitsu Japan and others,

My name is Avsec Bostjan and about three weeks ago, I have obtained 
employment opportunity at Fujitsu branch in Poland. Regredully, I have
 to inform you about mal intentions(ill - malevolent) ways of this corporate
branch which rather presents problem to company reputable as Fujitsu
 Japan is. Main problem of this branch in involvement of politics into
company itself that have gone as far as using directed energy weapons 
on their premises with idea to cause me today cardiac arrest that could 
easily lead to fatality after primary directed energy attack earlier tody 
during night time - sleep.

My background: 
I am from Slovenia, 48 years old with also US citizenship. When in US,
US Government took advantage of may stay there and have brought me
 to Poland beginning late 1995 for no less than 12 consecutive years
 for busines negotiation purposes(used me as a MKultra slave to entertain
politicians and busines people) which were taking place between West
 and Eastern Europe. Politic was beside goodies main topic without
 surprise. Rather than confessing itself to worst crime yet(one deprived
 me of 25 ywears of life), Poland have chosen just as in the past once
again to collect money from foreign governments via crime after my 
pointing finger in one and applying for politicaal protection in one during 
2018. Polish crime in desperate bid to cause s much harm as possible,
led all the way to attempt to cripple me(its how Poland conditioned
 release of facts pertaining to post MKultra torture) within just three 
months of work at previous employment, attempt to drive one insane
by destroying me all valuable items to the point I wouldn't have enough
 money for food(I am also investigative journalist who depends on basic
 electronic equipment and since my enetering Polish immigration
 system, it was nothing but vandalism of unatended private property 
 that followed to very today), compelled me via selective lodging into
freezing winter semi garage stay(no heating - bath tubs cold enough
 to cause pain and water appliances used to het water vandalised as
 well - play with directed energy wepons continued), car was even sold
for savings that couldn't pass technical examination because catalytic
 converter was stolen from one prior to sale by individual who also 
was involved in MKultra torture, private settings in hostels involved 
yelling, screming, physical threats, and visibility of eye glasses was
reduced due to deliberate acts of vandalism(coat scratching) for some
50%- was half blind for about year and three months and have worked
under such circumstances in environment where I easily could become
paraplegic if anything would go wrong for real(was extremelly close to
mentioned on severaal occasions as not even fork lifters functioned 
as they should - controlled by bluetooth devices). I slept for several
days inside of the forest on ground while working 12 hours long
 rotating shifts.

I have recognized with 100% accuracy about 30+ employees of Fujitsu
 located in Lodz, Poland(both locations). Most of these people were out
there to help me out. They helped me to identify them to have my case
proven beyond doubts and its why I am greateful to Fujitsu Japan which 
owners(will not mention real owners' name out of respect for them, but
you know whon I am referring too just as any other japanese would) 
conditioned to Poland existance of the company itself with such assistance 
whenever brought to Poland(upon end of MKultra in US, I was still brought
to Poland from parts of Europe where I was and foremost from Slovenia).
No less than another 12 years - all together 25 years of my life was lost
 on torture. Forcefully unemployed and labaaled as insane. At times in
Slovenia conditioned with hospitalisation if I would only dare to open
 mouths in respect to MKultra torture - it was Russian/Serbian government
to whose appetites Poland and Slovenia served the most.

Unfortunatelly for owners of Fujitsu and myself, Poles didn't stop at 
agreement as the twc parties agreed too, but have instead proceeded
along with Slovenian and Russian governments to incite in hatred during
MKultra sessions. This no longer was hatred directed toward other racial
groups only, but instead also toward other Europeans - Kaczynski's 
government despertately attempted to revive in me feelings of racial
hatred, xenophobia,and all other degradation forms used to INSULT
dignity in human beings used in the past. Its decribed above how - in
Duda/Morawiecki's procedures minorities played main roles for as long 
as was possible. This negative roles played out in real time by minorities
were supported via previous MKultra assertions - alltogether bound to
 break me down at certain point.

MKultra instructions for employment at Fujitsu, "do not even look at
 Greeks, do not look at Italian crew, do not talk to this that...collect
proofs and stay away from them or you will be in trouble possibly even
killed for not obaying orders...if we see you talking to them you are
 gone - will transfer you to their table...we will only help you if you see you
 get along well with Serbs/Russians"(this was supported by real time test which
involved total lack of training and provocations). Whjole thing had nothing
to do nor with Russians nor with Serbs, but with politic brought to work
place - even Serbian political nationalist symbols were used by coworkers
to the workplace to fortify their MKultra brainwash exopectations. 

Unfortunately for them, trust was abused from Polish side in my case 
for too many times before and I have disregarded totally such attempts
of what could lead into self isolation. I understand the impotance of human
solidarity really well just as motto of Poland alone.

Stickingv to my principles of frendlines and for expressing gratitude to 
foreign crews who also arrived to offer help with proofs related to MKultra,
I have found myself on a death list.

Deadly directed energy attack followed on me tonight which left me with
semi cardiac arrest - hevy chest pain in the morning(buring - pinfull already
 on the touch of skin) and same repeated once at Fujitsu at the workplace
where all computer equipment was in a total disaray for lready second day
 on the raw due to Coronavirus emergency. I am reffering to work from
home which about 90% of employees exercised.

 I spent some half an hour serching for functional computer, monitor units - 
ready station waited me. After two hours, my left side of chest became 
heated and painfull on slightest touch as never ever before. I requested leave
as I feared would be murdered at workplace desk at Fujitsu located at
180/182, Wólczańska, 90-530 Łódź.

Medical examination completed month earlier for theg purpose of employment
at Fujitsu confirm my perfect cardivasculaar health status.

One month earlier, Serbian friend involved in MKultra since end of 1995
 states me in face that I will be murdered at Fujitsu. Will exit building DEAD - All
 audio recorded.

Polish government repeats MKultra scenario for which I was told will be used
to condition my stay in Poland with death - either you stay and die or go were 
instructions. Watch videos to understand what happened - even truck used
during MKultra appeared itself as I exited Fujitsu building to remind me of 
what is expected of me. People waved hands and signaled also goodbye
when approaching me from opposide side direction of traffic - simultanioulsy
older couple cut infront of me repeating MKultra scenario - man had hand
 behind his back and have wawed with one as bye bye gesture...

Under MKultra, Kaczynski brought me to clinic centers in Warszaw and in
 Łódź where he would have heart and brain surgeons analyze both for 
possibilities of harm. Polish government involved in this opeartion at no
 wonder also Ukrainian. One of the Ukrainians death threatened with this
 very issue in 2015/2017 and another one who became roomate(both
 involved in case long time - according to records , I should have never 
been to Poland prior to 2018) talked last night(also audio recorded) what
 appeared to be his helth condition whichb affects with death only a minority
 of affected people - something that made me feel immediately will be wrong
 soon with me.

Why this report is submitted to you:
Out of respect for people mentioned above whose names I didn't even
 mention and due to abuse of international corporate Fujitsu culture as well
as Fujitsu's private property - real  estate for purposes of political agenda
which has no place aat workplace. And finally for you to know who you are
dealing with when it comes to Poland. One individual present today was
involved in MKultra since 2001 - came from Katowice(would comute to
Krakow for busines negotions and learn English to be useful to Kaczynski) 
and was given boss job at Fujitsu IT department.


With best regards,
Bostjan(Sebastian) Avsec
tel. 579-822-625
Hostel Łódź
Gdańska 10
91-066 Łódź

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