Wednesday, March 25, 2020

There is blah blah from Ukrainian side that one will not give green light to my case

I have video coming which explains in details who/why. The thing is, I am here primry for myself - not governments(I don't care about blah blah). Once I take care myself, I will be available(good) also for others. Noting either way till then. Straight from beginning to the end !!!

Individual inside of my room is a politician. Is well known to government circles - not so much brought public.

Was using me as a human shield during MKultra - had me on front line while observing what went on when brought to Ukraine and following up on matters to prove himself as beneficial to the system. The time came when he alone along with his bosses in Ukraine and in Poland(he presented himself to me as coordinator of entire group involved in MKultra - owner of hostel claimed me that he kept entire crew together over the years corresponding, so they could come to help me - would about me according to hostel owner who is a great friend of individual who siold me as well car Skodfa Felicia 1999 - the car since law in 2020 changed, that must be disclosed when selling one that came with severe engine problem or fines/possible jail follow up) feels I should discredit myself so I wouldn't represent danger to any of mentioned parties on this blog(Poroshenko/Kaczynski/ Putin trio off course - Poroshko was involved in MKulltra already in beginning of 1996 if thatvtells you something and is known today in Ukraine as a chocolate king).

From being labeled with derogatory racial terms for favoring other races to gesturing me slurs(don't worry - so called Slavic pride will not cover my back, but trio will cover their needs according to priorities) toward Russians and so on - hoping to obtain response...the last but not the last was Ukraine according to him that f**** me Slovenian really good. Have assisted in my property being destroyed as I explain on video and just as he stated me under MKultra, I am only waiting for him to realize his dreams(on how everybody will turn agauinst me as Ukrainian and so on and so forth blaah blaah).

They stand on hallways infront of me b,locking me passage and are shizoing about their threats of which closest one comes from girl which gestured they will be here to only create me problems and nothing more - tall Ukrainian individual who was in Tbilsi and have implicated himself in death threats under MKultra was on shizoa gesturing me under MKultra(either 2015/2017) how Ukraine will create friendship with Russia before helpingn me out - is a maniac. That I caused harm when subjected to MKultra torture and who knows what...

90% of Ukrainians here, however, are nice with me. I asked for transfer, to another room/floor but not avail. Staying here till fourth which will be withing week.

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