Sunday, March 22, 2020

White House SHIZOID(real maniac) talks to himself and his beloved crowd about "wishes for China", but China is instead buisy making GLOBAL business deals

There will be more and more "wish" WASH FISHY FISH for China from White House as world knows what America is all about now...Asian region along with India recovering nicely, and so did Estern Europe - time to pull Africa and South America on the right direction, so world can work together for better common tomorrow.

@Trumpet and his nazi clown team...not everything is so bad, Jack Ma is sending you 500.000 COVID-19 test kits for FREE it will save a lots of "trillions"(everything costs trillion is US lately even that those writing about trillions don't have a slightest idea what trillion is) to US Government(hopefully uncle Sam won't confiscate DONATED and sell them to US citizens as is really hungry these days).

The ral creator of virus not Chinese markets where meat is sold for thiousands of years worry free is in fact US military as China has pointed out - China never experienced any even that "tourists" well documented with photos #1 Chinese markets with meat for sale what primary theory was on what one changed into broader neonzi anti Asian in line with Trump theory.

Japan demonstated world technological superiority, China ability to lift itself from real slavery to one of main world powers, and India is demonstrating along with two to other continents hope for entire humanity.

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