Tuesday, March 24, 2020

And not the last but what clearly explained what Polish police used against me throughout entire ordeal beginning with Grotniki

Russian guy reminded group of envy residents on this floor how they shoulfn't worry because they have "that thing'...

Not worry because they watched me with envy doibg pushups - recovering myself from injuries. Just two days latter attack followed on me. This is foremost directed enegy weapon that was used to effect glands...it was used daily in Grotnikih its what Belarus gestured under MKultra cade will be...sharp at 0500 hours or 0600 hour
s regardlesd og what one went through day earlier and so on. So yeah, " they have that thing don't worry"...

Its both that is used and individual where I did head scan for possible tumor told me glands - in Zgierz and was involved in MKultra knew about as he worked in hospital !!!

Yes, they have that thing and can and can did added to food or drink during absence..

"They" is the Polish police.

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