Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tall Ukrainian in hostel harrowed under MKultra along with Poles that Polish government gave the authority to murder me if I wouldn't bring case further

by using them. This was in 2015 and 2017 when brought here from Belarus. Individual is 100% Ukrainian(just as two other roommates) and totally Ukrainian government affiliated . Will not go any further in details(was with him also in another countries and inside of the parliaments - meaning he has top Ukrainian government clearance) on behalf of Ukrainian government - meaning  how I know here stated is THE fact.

There is noooo Ukrainian at Fujitsu that would be involved in anything that took place latter on during the day and everything happened in country known as Poland. See nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.

Is here with short woman(am unsure if she is his wife) which is causing chaos/yelling. Both are from Dniepropietrowsk(Днепропетровск).

Was indirectly told not to go back in here and even that is nothing else left other than to buy candles in my case and so on...streets are loud and clear. Lodz saw/heard knows nothing.

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