Sunday, March 8, 2020

Three guys advised to be better off leaving as stay here does them no good

New roommate from Ukraine who allowed during my 5 minute absence in kitchen an individual from Armenia to enter room and have watched him destroy my day old headphones(bought in Auchan and good quality) and close colleague of Armenian individual. There also is a couple(her husband) from Ukraine right next door that engaged in vandalizement of my property. Other than that seems clean

Armenian guy ruined as well LCD screen on laptop(sipped garbage inside of the screen just as one promised would do).

I will have their governments deal with them in their own countries. MKultra torture is most severe crime and displaying behavior mentioned individuals have displayed in post MKultra period is a police matter(matter for state prosecutor).

I am not saying they are Ukrainians, but they are from Ukraine. They ruined stay not only for me, but also for all other participants here to help.

These were already third headphones destroyed...they were whacked before any use....time for search and cost of purchase doesnt add up to anything positive in respect to their stay here as far s I am concerned...I dont care about what they have to say.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without headphones...not good when you need them the most to post videos.

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