Sunday, March 8, 2020

The reason behind my dog "obsession" are two

One is that I just love this hairy creatures which are very rewarding(happy - they display gratitude) with their lives as long as they can have good companion(we too are companions - goes both ways). They make me laugh because I love to relate to feelings of people as well s animals...

The second one is a bit more surprising...dogs don't have brain s developed as human beings yet they are live beings...they feel/understand, and know even that societies bash down their real understanding of the world. Its getting better for hairy creatures - I think human awareness about their best friend is becoming developed gradually, but still not easy... many dog owners treat them badly - even throw them way for adoption after ruining them best possibilities in life(like them when cute puppies and so on and feel no obligations for them as they grow up of are faced with whatever issues). Owners like this just move to next animal - pet...they perhaps even hurt one - worse as you know...

In this case too, they gave me to adoption to variety of people who have sworn on how they will help when time comes...time went bye, and for many after they collected money it was just time to move life(what MKultra is - you are animal pulled from corner to corner witnessing to alots of sexual activity while being denied even ice cream on hot summer day when they all have one around you, being spit on and beaten up as pleased and so on to wake up in real time to endless job search and psychiatric torture) is not easy specially if you are human.

Noooo many dont understand absolutely anything. Nothing at all - opposite take more advantage over situation if only possible. I got often times more conscious out of people whom you would refer to as drunks than regular laborers still on job market...higher class would most often want to help, but they feared of isolation in support claims.

Few, however, did came forward - they came forward with eagerness to help. Some even rejecting myself guilty in absolutely in any way for what took place...when talking to them is seemed as if heavy rocks would fall off their if truth about my case liberated their souls. It was more than few and people worth to fight for...they also came from all sorts of backgrounds and different countries.

So people, don't look t me funny no more when I reach out for your hairy friend :))) Yeah, I should probably really adapt myself abandoned dog and I will as soon as I can.

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