Wednesday, March 4, 2020

If Poland will play with Duda/Kaczynski

/ Morawiecki....I will TEAR her ass appart. IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT "I DONT KNOW - DONT REMEMBER - I HAVE NOT SEEN".

I lost 25 years of life because of you. This is hospital in Lodz which has unofficial records about me since 1996.

Poland tortured, and watched me being toryured in Slovenia/US.

I will issue video on Lodz University's mass schizophrenia human degradation shows, beatings and other stuff.

I was the one accused of being paranoid schizophrenic - labeled with death via forcef unemployment and what became once known I have nothing to do with mentioned disease a candidate for wheel chair with broken spine. This is how far US citizenship brought me...what George Bush/ Trump administrations gave me....

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