Thursday, March 5, 2020

Asked if leaving Poland now...

nope...I am not leaving anywhere. Have at least no plans to leave. Most of Polish people who again met me but in real time(not as the case was with them when subjected to MKultra) were happy to see me...I still feel much more connected with world here than the case would be elsewhere...and few people did outstanding things for me...its not just like that. Whole thing had to do much more with Duda/ Kaczynski than people - filthy politic.

Leaving good people behind and running to other parts of world once you accomplish what I accomplished solves nothing.

I like language and people...dont see myself elsewhere. Nazi MKultra procedure was not invented in Poland...was brought here by Bush administration via Trump....

People lough when they hear I like language/people...I do, but I will not keep silent about what went on and what they allowed to go on. I have no reason to lie. Would do same elsewhere, but probably not stay...

If I were Duda/ Kaczynski/ Morawiecki, I do start packing stuff from office(not preparing for elections) do because it will escalate to worse than what I promissed myself(under MKultra) case will be when meeting in person if I will be trully compelled to face with what they prepared for me in reality.

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