Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Leaving for Minsk...a bit hurt, bit its okay...

I was so hurt(insulted) by Ukrainian government(it is what followed me since individual at McDonalds lied about me how I am a Russian rat), that I have lost $70 when creating the plane reservation to Minsk yesterday. Had people follow me all over the town to signal passersby whenever I would acquire with anyone for directions etc, so nobody would grant me help...people would indirectly suggest "Russian..Russian...spy...etc.." as I walked streets...so I just wanted to go as fast as possible from Lviv...not cool !!! Vey very unpleasant and specially unpleasant when something like this is done to individual like myself.
I don't even know if you Ukrainian guys realize what have you done by calling me Russian spy(rat) etc. !!! Not only because all I want is to help you(us) all out, but foremost because of stuff that I have done for Ukrainian people in the past !!! Have you seen my photos and articles that I have posted throughout years for you Ukrainian people all over the internet and today you call me names like this because of some crazy CIA informant that is in Ukraine only to steer shit !!????

Have your Ukrainian presidents and other government officials done publicly for you as much as I did !!???? I was even placed on public Russian enemy list for my work https://brudno.com.ua/?n=bastian-auser--loki.nagrind&uid=14837639 and had all other white nationalists turn against me because of supporting you Ukrainians and today I am a rat !!???? I am worth nothing !!????

When they suggest you lies about me(my news site Auser Times is in Ukraine censored and will show only 10 pages to people - no more), please remind them of my photos https://www.facebook.com/loki.nagrind/photos?lst=100001962176474%3A100001962176474%3A1492459360&source_ref=pb_friends_tl on my Facebook account and ask them in the face why do they badmouth about me like this !!! Ask them why do they lie to you about me !!????

If you are going to treat this way people like myself, who will be left to help you !!???? Who will stand up for you in the future !!??? Is it really productive to make enemies from your best supporters like myself just so those who have sold you(your own politicians $$$$) can make more cash and we can get more divided(poorer and controlled) by ZIONISTS in Washington DC !!????

We all lose divided...they want us to hate one another. They don't want us to seat at the same table called "LEAGUE OF THE WHITE NATIONS"; they want us on knees in front of United Nations owned and controlled by ZIONISTS in USA !!!

I am not saying that you should care for white Americans who like myself have no right to free speech(to claim that basic right from certain death even in Europe) although its us who care about you and there will be no you without us, I am just saying that do your best to secure your own future...see the picture out of the box and on a long term !!!

Yes, Russia kills...but America killed and kills 10 x more...take a map in your hands and see what America have done before you(yourself) become a test field for American nuclear insanity.

Have seen photos of dead soldiers yesterday(national day and celebration at city center square)...how sad and heartbreaking...soldiers without legs asking for money...beautiful girl at hostel told me her salary is about 100 Euros and of the other girl is 66 Euros...DO YOU WANT THIS TO BE YOUR FUTURE(never mind Russian ICBM that can reach American soil anywhere within USA in 20 minutes or less) !!???

I am leaving to Belarus today where I will submit claim for political asylum...nothing changed...I still love you Ukrainian people, but we will have seat at the table together with Russia and start working with one another...if we Europeans will not stick together(look into past) to ensure future for our children, then who will do this for them !!???? This is not game...people are dyeing(WE ARE DYEING !!!) from South Africa to Ukraine and beyond and it must be stopped...

Just like Poland, Hungary etc., I am taking you with me...fight will go on and I know we can do things together to incorporate into bigger and better picture(future). One day even borderless and worry free future. Future of friendship and brotherhood among white nations.

Goodbye. Next stop = Minsk(today).

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