Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Visit !!! This is where/when white genocide ends !!! UNITED WE WIN; DIVIDED WE FALL !!!

Welcome to Auser Times forum !!! Feel free to post news related to our cause. Your own articles(either from news sites or own stories) are welcome...your ideas are welcome...

Avoid: Profanity(obscene language, do not oath, avoid cursing, swearing, foul language), aggressive talk(incitement in violence or other illegal activities) and anything that could effect other white nationalists(or readers) in a negative way. Avoid anything that would violate either U.S. or any other local laws(don't get others or yourself in trouble ) !!!

LEAGUE OF THE WHITE NATIONS FORUM(Auser times Forum) PROMOTES YOUR RIGHTS...ADVOCATES RIGHTS OF THE WHITES WORLDWIDE AND NOT THE RIGHTS OF OTHER RACES AT YOUR EXPENSE AS ZIONIST U.S. GOVERNMENT(much worse than even government of North Korea) HAVE DONE TO AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR OVER 73 YEARS NOW !!! Turning American whites into dissidents WORSE THAN NORTH KOREA, so those turn against the system and can be as such either easily destroyed if not becoming part of "human rights movement"(they want you to complain and complain because there is only more abuse waiting on you around the corner till you turn even into homosexuals...forget about freedom of expression, the right to political or religious view or the right to marry according to racial preferences...IT IS HORROR !!! - no help is ever granted and American free speech = joblessness for life = no place where you can claim your human rights because Europe is now European Union and European Union is a ZIONIST tool in hands of corrupt Marxist criminals like Angela Merkel etc. there to cater genocidal needs of Washington DC per Israel...there to support ZIONIST incitement in conflict against one support ZIONIST fearmongering and hatred for one another so we can be easily controlled and manipulated as such...HUSHED and CRUSHED as such !!!). The most deserved for white genocide, however, are by Washington DC's controlled United Nations !!! Murderous hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing machine !!! 90.000 whites slaughtered within just past 23 years in South Africa and over million of them are right now stationed in white concentration camps(no right to employment due to color of their skin, no right to government assistance of any kind, compelled into corrugated shacks or tents, donated clothing, leftovers as food, no electricity, no running water...not white squatter camps, but instead white concentration camps !!!). Divided nations = hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing = United Nations !!! It is Holodomor x 100 in front of your eyes, and all we have on news or in books is talk about "6 million" !!!

WELCOME HERE DEAR PATRIOTS AND READERS !!! Its time to uncover the truth and liberate our countries from ZIONIST future for our progeny !!! THIS IS WHERE WHITE GENOCIDE ENDS !!! THIS IS WHERE WHITE NATIONS START TO UNITE INTO BROTHERLY BORDERLESS UNION !!! THIS IS WHERE "LEAGUE OF THE WHITE NATIONS" KICKS IN THE ASS MURDEROUS ANTI-WHITE UNITED NATIONS" AND IT STARTS RIGHT NOW !!! WHEN WE BECOME ONE, BORDERS(conflicts -arms race) BECOME IRRELEVANT AND WE ALL WIN(from United States/Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and suffering Ukraine, Australia and beyond) !!! Forum is now officially open(April 19th, 2017) !!! UNITED WE WIN, DIVIDED WE FALL !!!

Yeah it would be nice if you give us a little idea about who you are...perhaps just say "hi" and know...thank you and enjoy discussions with like minded people. Again, welcome from wherever you are...

Sincerely yours,
BASTIAN AUSER(Bostjan Avsec)

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