Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cards are out and Lukashenko blasts Western network of Rothschild's corrupt scavengers who want to rob and impoverish(destroy) Belarus people !!!

Its not about democracy(what US and EU truly are - click HERE), its not about helping Belarus either(exactly the opposite)...what is it all about !!????? Who profits and how !!???

I am not the only white refugee(and even German) who fled East from what you read here(click HERE to learn what EU is and whose purpose EU serves)....there were others(read HERE to learn more about what US and EU are...Angela Merkel suggested that they are even a disgrace for Germany...yeah trully is disgraceful to save your own life from criminal ZIO network)) before me !!! IT IS A SHAME AND DISGRACE FOR WEST THAT IS RULED BY CRIMINAL(corrupt and self elected treasoners who support even occupation of own countries) ELITES !!!

I am calling for everybody to seat at the table and start to talk(communicate) with one another like people do...if you are not gonna turn to neighbor for help first, then to whom !!??? Help my fellow American people by promoting truth about famous "free speech"in America, so they can help you !!! So we can help one another before we get self annihilated(either nuked or divided and concurred) by the enemy who hunted us for centuries !!! Well known enemy to our ancestors...enemy that was historically not allowed to even move in our countries or cities, but the enemy that is now controlling even by Europeans built USA and consequently EU territory !!!

NEVER AGAIN WILL I ALLOW ZIO BOTS TO INCITE ME IN HATRED AGAINST MY OWN RACE AS THE CASE WAS IN USA !!! When nations unite, criminals lose !!! United we win, divided we fall !!! Speak your mind against ZIONIST oppression just as you did against communism !!! 


Written by Bastian Auser


MINSK, April 21. /TASS/. Ties between Belarus and Russia are strategic while both countries’ leaders have established trustworthy relations, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in his state-of-the-nation address to the country’s parliament and citizens on Friday.
"The relations with Russia are of a strategic nature… we have developed trustworthy relations with the Russian president," Lukashenko said.

All the problems that arise in the relations with Russia "find their solution," he explained. "We are solving all difficulties that are emerging."

The West’s negative reaction to the Belarusian-Russian drills Zapad-2017 in autumn were dictated by the desire to disrupt the two countries’ military and political unity, Lukashenko stated.

"See how the West reacts to the drills … they have started to frighten us. This is done to disrupt the Belarusian-Russian military and political unity," Lukashenko said.

As the Belarusian president noted, the country had to calm down the West and "say that no one will leave its troops in Belarus."

According to Lukashenko, Belarus holds over 40 operational and combat training drills with Russia annually "and the next large maneuvers Zapad-2017 will be held in autumn."

As the Belarusian president said, the West feels unhappy about the upcoming Belarus-Russia drills "but look what they are doing themselves." "I saw a footage recently where the Polish president was personally receiving a hundred or more of NATO soldiers while artillery stood behind. NATO is deploying its troops near our borders and the borders of allied Russia, including the most advanced drones while they are demanding that we must not conduct any drills," Lukashenko said.

According to Lukashenko, "we are not placing near your borders the troops of China, Turkey, and even the same Russia, with which we have a joint grouping, while you are doing this."

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