Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hungarian government sends me in CIA hostels where previously tortured...

Can also be seen at:
Can also be seen at:

Can be also seen at:

Thanks to the beyond corrupt Hungarian government, owner of the hostel will try to pocket your money by avoiding to issue the receipts for your stay(you will have to ask over and over again and even threaten them to get one). This hostel is part of Retox Party Hostel and was/is ran exclusively by American Central Intelligence Company here to police US and international travelers. Your laptop will hacked 24/7(scanned, frequently disconnected from WI/FI, and even ruined)...

You will be discriminated against age. Suggested that you must leave due to age restrictions(they will attempt to throw you out and rob you simultaneously). Your freedom of expression will be policed by American Central Intelligence Agency. They will eaves drop who you associate and talk with. If not multiculturalist, your food will be frequently thrown away by staff, you will be harassed by staff, and even life threatened by staff. No washing machine for you. Beds are so thin that you feel springs. Violent, dangerous, and all supported by Budapest government...RETOX & YOUR MOM'S HOSTEL !!!


This is the most beautiful metropolitan city in the world for my taste. I love Hungarian people and Hungary. Very beautiful(great looking) and kind people(they will do anything for you as long as you are respectful), Incredible architecture(history), beautiful nature, very affordable, extremely clean and will fall in love with Hungary.


For your stay in Budapest, I recommend you following(I will update this section frequently) places (original review

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