Saturday, June 15, 2019

Will issue 20 hour documentary on Polish police - incl. Border guards/immigration

Very important to understand what was expected of me to become(be). I should say settle for. I got sleep 3 hours today and was woken up with super hypertension - head area. Police officer and frequent visitor of Novo mesto(was in our house as well) whose son is in Norway(man who bagged Norwegians Scandinavians to surrender MKultra ca$$e to Poland instead) was very playful in respect to this issue and have suggested in 2015 inside of this very room(police and border patrol well well evaluated this facility) how there are radiation features integrated in walls and whole thing operated electronically. Truth or not as they lied in about 80% of the time, I do not know, but sure is most severe torture. Here is what wifi looked like tonight. Same yesterday. Whatever was used for torture was turned off just 10 minutes ago or so as one can feel relief. Mist likely electromagnetic radiation is used via walls.

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