Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Obama pardons British wannabe assasin sent to America by British Royals(Rothschildian mafia) to kill Donald Trump and orders him to serve behind bars only 12 months instead of what should have been min. 20 years !!!

 As a pretext of murder attempt on US president and to reduce killer's sentence, Obama suggests autism !!! Yes, you red that right...as a foreigner and well trained assassin, you still have the opportunity to travel to USA and try to kill new president elect with what will be totally reduced(greatly discounted) punishment !!! The king of criminals Barack Obama will ensure that you will not even serve minimum sentence and will be instead deported back to your homeland after 12 months !!!
Is British crown happy about this news !!?? Well...I bet that they are !!! British wannabe assassin sent to America to complete job for them will be home sooner than what would under other circumstances give us the opportunity to learn what truly hides behind "autism" issue !!! British crown have had engaged against me personally together with CIA and Eastern European communist scum in super heavy MKultra tortures(one of them lasted 3,5 months in 1998 and it was overseas abduction - I kept silent about them all till Brexit become stopped at Her Majesty's Royal High Court  and till Buckingham palace begun to openly campaign for Obama/Clinton) !!! They love to play psychiatric games with people...they love to create Manchurian Candidates !!! It is fascinating for this maniacs(psychopaths) who are hiding themselves behind Buckingham palace's walls in luxury to play with other human's brains and anticipate(speculate) deadly outcomes of those plays while pulling strings behind curtains(from international criminal court, United Nations, and all the way to CIA) !!! Compelling even the most intelligent and
strongest people into unstable economic situations(unpredictability, insecurity) to take full advantage of them for their financial gain !!! Charles enjoys barbarism as explained here very much(MKULTRA is nothing but play straight from Satan's book of criminality). It is always coincidence and health related issues...Despite the fact that well trained British wannabe killer Michael Sandford have admitted that he was preparing(have practiced) for a Donald Trump's kill on target range just 1 day ahead(prior) to assassination plot and have had also great knowledge about preemptive secret service gun search, he is practically released !!! 

WELL DONE CHARLES !!! WELL DONE OBAMA !!! However, very desperate and without success !!! 


1. Sandford had moved to the U.S. a year and a half ago and first lived in Hoboken, New Jersey before moving to the Ontario/San Bernardino, California area - meaning that British crown have very well anticipated and feared of Donald Trump's presidential run way ahead !!! It was not a secret at all !!!

2. Sandford illegally overstayed his visa with nothing more than UK's driver license !!!. That status was revealed at his U.S. District Court arraignment. QUESTION:  Where did he got the money from to live in US as illegal for such a long period and how come that he managed to get around with nothing more than UK driver's license !!???

3. Sandford Had Been Planning the Assassination Attempt for More Than a Year, the Feds Say - meaning that kill order came from someone who feared Trump at all costs and that was/is nobody else than Buckingham palace !!! Why have they feared and do fear Trump !!!?? Because Trump have responded to artificially made global and US economic crises that were caused deliberately by British crown and in USA by their agent Barack Obama(compelling Americans to choose between FEMA camps and Royal boot) with what was/is competence !!! Competence such as the one of Donald Trump was NOT and is NOT desired by Buckingham palace because it goes against everything that those have implemented against USA via democrat party and Obama !!!

4. Sandford Told a Police Officer, He Wanted Trump’s Autograph & Then Tried to Grab His Gun, Police Say - Waw..very very powerful kill scenario right here !!! Well planned and not by what they claim now is "autistic" Sandford !!!

5. Sandford reached towards the officer’s weapon to pull it out of the holster, which was not locked, the Secret Service says. Sandford grabbed the holster and the handle of the firearm with both hands. Sandford was luckily prevented to exercise kill and was subsequently arrested. He was dragged out of the event by police.

6. Sandford have thought he saw the officer’s holster in an unlocked position prior to attack - very professional move by "autistic" kid(it is how professional assassins think).


Since global made crises are enormous and our countries screwed entirely, you may want to change your long term unemployment and profession as educated for to a new and exciting career... 


Written by Bastian  Auser

Autistic Brit who grabbed policeman’s gun in failed attempt to assassinate Donald Trump jailed for a year

Michael Sandford appeared in court today where he admitted grabbing the firearm intending to shoot the Republican Presidential nominee while attending a rally on June 18

The British man who grabbed a police officer’s gun in a failed attempt to assassinate Donald Trump has been jailed for a year after pleading guilty in a deal with US prosecutors.

Michael Sandford appeared in court today where he admitted grabbing the firearm intending to shoot the Republican Presidential nominee while attending a rally on June 18 at Treasure Island hotel-casino in Las Vegas.

Crying, the 20-year-old told the court: “I'm really sorry to you and the court for taking up so much if your time."

He had faced up to 20 years in prison if he had been convicted at trial on US federal charges of an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.

But in a plea deal with prosecutors he was ordered to serve 12 months and a day minus time served and good behaviour time.

Sandford, of Dorking, Surrey, will be deported from the US following the completion of his sentence.

Sentencing guidelines set an 18 to 27-month prison term for the offences for those accepting responsibility for the crime and avoiding trial.

Under the plea deal, Sandford, who suffers from autism, will not be able to appeal.

His mother, Lynne Sandford, earlier confirmed her son had signed a plea deal.

"It was a bit of a battle because he is quite headstrong," she said.

“We are regularly in touch with the public defender’s office in Nevada,” Chapel said.

“Our main aim would be to try and secure Michael’s repatriation to the UK so that he can be assisted in a medical facility.”

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