Saturday, December 10, 2016

Elites(fakers - scammers) are now directly attacking real news(us all) outlets via Chinese communist style !!! Even Obama's priest(the antichrist) is in it for his share of bone....

This is war against all of us my friends...Alex Jones(he and his crew) is one of the biggest if not the biggest(in my opinion he is the biggest) and by elites waging war against him(as the case is), we are all under attack !!! It is amazing to note that elites who hold us as slaves(worst than slaves) in a system(total dependency system - on month to month paychecks UNCERTAINTY - by the throat system) totally apart from world of their own(where capitalism monopoly is), are now using exact Chinese communist control techniques as well as formulas to incite in moral panic and mass hysteria(witchhunting) against those who dare to stand up against NWO's tyranny for the sake of freedom of the speech(basic human liberties) !!!

Even Obama's priest(the antichrist in Vatican's uniform) is involved in this newest communist phenomena in Western used to be that this people have fought against communism, but this no longer is the case...their attitude is regressive(backwards - goes against modernization of the world and leads straight into total slavery - back to mid ages) what brings us infront of the question(I cite my own question), "what do we need them for" !!??? 

This no longer needed elites who present nothing more than burden to our modern societies and to themselfs(when you no longer serve even your purpose, you become a burden to yourself as well my dear losers - you are prisoners in your own castles and state palaces), are hanging onto global pace of life like a drunk for the fence...they are becoming a liability which we can no longer afford(they are too costly, without purpose, and are creating tremendous damage - REAL WEAKLINGS IS WHAT THEY ARE) !!! Russia and China are pushing us as a result of their development backwards(we are falling behind) and 73 years old opium news(main stream diarrhea news that operates on same principles against us as Opium war used to operate on - READ HERE) is a proven disaster !!!

Why Obama's priest(nothing more than a deluded antichrist communist in Vatican's uniform) !!??? READ HERE to get an answer !!!

Pope Francis compares media that spread fake news to people who are excited by feces

[Evangelicals, your attacks on ‘the media’ are getting dangerous]

There’s much too much fake news to go around, but this is real: In an interview with a Belgian publication, Pope Francis reportedly compared news outlets that grab for a juicy story, even when it’s untrue, to those who participate in “coprophilia.”

The unusual term, which Francis has used before, means an obsessive interest, often of a sexual nature, in excrement.

“I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into — no offense intended — the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things,” Francis said in an interview published Wednesday in Tertio, according to Reuters and to other reporters who read the Belgian publication.

[Opinion: Evangelicals, your attacks on ‘the media’ are getting dangerous]

Crux, a news outlet covering the Catholic church, said the interview was conducted in Spanish, in which the term coprophilia is sometimes used more loosely to describe a morbid interest in dirty things, not just a prurient interest in feces. Later in the same interview, Francis used the related term “coprophagy.” 


PS. it is bizarre that the biggest fake pope in history of Vatican is discussing exactly what he stands for = not feces only, but total diarrhea !!! 73 years old diarrhea news Francis of which part you are yourself with your patron Obama BIG time !!!

Written by Bastian Auser

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