Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mr Trump: You need to discuss this very issue with CIA and FBI immedialtey !!! This is your opportunity(a ticket) and a must to get involved with electoral college per ASAP !!!

I will release detailed video what approach should be taken toward Russian(in reality CIA'S hacking of elections in 2016) issue that Obama is pushing forward, however, this is a immediate must. You must NOT allow to go on as seen here !!! Mr. Trump, step in right now and begun demanding answers from CIA/FBI in respect to this very issue...electoral college representatives must be heavily protected and this way guaranteed the freedom of choice when deciding about your presidential fate on December the 19th, 2016 !!! Those who threaten them as seen here, must be prosecuted and punished accordingly with law(as severely as possible) and those who refuse to secure electoral college representatives' well being(police, FBI etc.), are liable even more !!! DEMAND IMMEDIATE ANSWERS FROM CIA AND FBI MR. TRUMP !!! STEP IN RIGHT NOW !!!

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