Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tonight(Sun Nov. 4th) two pens(last two) were stolen from my pouch.

Headphones destroyed(they destroy microphone box on headphones to the point that one allows Android speakerphone to play simultaneously withvheadphones on what whole thing falls appart was/is was opened).

Individual who does this stuff is located right across the hallway, but I have to thank my great roommate for leaving doors opened all the time(doors were even wide opened when I woke up in the morning - someone was in hurry to get to restroom today and have then failed lock doors on his way out. sugar and coffey was poured all over my bag as a result, but I should understood this as a test for great roommate to see if I would go after him since just anybody could have keys from our room).

They collected money from KGB and anticipate to collect one for their dirty work also from me. Valerio(BeloRussian police officer from Minsk) asked for only 100/200 million Dollars under MK ultra which truly is a modest ammount of money if considering amount if work he invedted. He would also ensure that no threat would come against me in the future from Moscow for that amount if money.

How they rationalized repetition of MKultra to me with here mentioned facts  ? As something that would help you remind yourself of MKultra...

Sorry, but I doubt such logic as frequent damage(if someone tells you that he will destroy your property and then destroys one is much worse than if you wouldn't know that he will - at least for me it is, but they believe this is not the case), irritation and so on are not such a good and helpful factors in the environment where I would be searching for proofs(basically investigating) to save my own life...

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