Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TEASER - United Nations' kill stations in Belarus

Video can be also seen at: http://dai.ly/x5nk16m OR https://rutube.ru/video/a3be2db82179ceb9114482b989e9cebc/ (Rutube is Russian youtube and is safer than youtube, so disregard security warning posted by American companies for Rutube) OR  https://rumble.com/v39pab-teaser-united-nations-kill-stations-in-belarus.html Will be probably 4 hour long documentary...released within two or three days(proofs are gathered; just need to be converted into video files and uploaded to internet)....Related to subject "EXTREMELY problematic(IMPOSSIBLE) political asylum procedure(situation) in Belarus" http://ausertimes.blogspot.com.by/2017/05/extremely-problematicimpossible.html

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