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BRITISH HOMEGROWN LUNACY(THE MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS FROM LONDON): 'My dad will be king so you better watch out' - his father, however, issues to public a children sake online safety plea warning - his royal brother, however, hires bodyguard who assaulted his own wife with intention to kill one but he is black and one was involved in torture under MK Ultra

I was off course guilty for bodyguard to go off on me and for one to have apparently attempted to seal faith of this wife - wife(very sassy sexy at the time) who appeared to also me liked me - she loved insane WHITE BITCH role(many ladies did - flirting with white drugged up man and fucking with black man on the side - after white male compromised himself to her...sooo fun and sooo low primitive and appears British) royals assigned and which she played infront of me ...Mr Daobry was involved in case since sometimes in 1998 and might have(I can't recall one, but he had special request to Andrew about becoming a police officer from day 1) even participated Polish hunger games. Mr Daobry was

hired as body guard in 2000 by prince Andrew and systematically grew through connection into metropolitan police officer...thats when problem commenced, but this is what British royals financed in people for as long as torture wouldn't get out of their hands to Mr. Mr Daobry's case, it did. Violence I endured and what promoted/paid to those who willingly have opened to one(authorization for the right to exercise one came from the top of the system - chance for careers/jobs/ travel tickets/lodging, discounted real estate etc.) brought problems to many many...great many of which some never found way out...but luckily for Mr Daobry, he is black and ambitious Harry played race HATE ticket VIA THIS VERY CASE whenever purchasing real estate in Africa or advertising himself throughout Hollywood...didn't and doesn't know any better. Mr Mr Daobry, however, is black and its all about mental health experts these days....even "royal memoirs"(NO CONTEST - ZERO OBJECTION TO THIS BLOG). So I suppose Mr. Harry will prove that Mr Daobry is not insane and totally safe to be around one...he appeared to me okay before royal insanity commenced in 2001/2002, and the rest really doesn't matter. He also got crime record which no royal ever got...Mr Daobry's life(unlike mine) was life in luxury. One of his most loyal supporters became black extremist from USA - Megan Markle and this since 2010. I if writing what you see here, however, would be acknowledged anywhere from supporting Harry(he is total agreement with rest of the family) against royals to harboring royals from Harry's discrimination claims....Mr Daobry is black and everything will be alright. Taking sides is okay, staying normal not. Mental health experts...Harry also had media depict Meghan and himself next to Mr Daobry inside and outside of the car for what one claimed me will use one just to remind no let me fix this royal memoir - he used one to purchase time and load torture memories on long Mr Daobry you earned your pay and house with pool.
It is normal to be mentally ill at age 14, I think its not normal to be mentally ill suicidal at any age - specially not age 14. Girl was doing really well in school. Nothing was wrong with her grades or social issues etc.


Prince George reportedly told a schoolmate, "My dad will be king so you better watch out".

'You better watch out': Prince George's 'friendly' warning to schoolmates

Darren Bevan - Wednesday
'You better watch out': Prince George's 'friendly' warning to schoolmates© Provided by Newshub

According to the book The New Royals, author and Vanity Fair royal correspondent Katie Nicholl said the cheeky prince, nine, had used the line on a classmate who'd gone too far.

She said Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, were being raised with an understanding of how the monarchy worked and also "a sense of duty".

She said George had been told he would one day be king, but the Prince and Princess of Wales were not weighing the children down with too many responsibilities too soon.

However, George had already weaponised the potential title, using it against one of his schoolmates as a "cheeky comeback".

"George understands he [William] will one day be king and as a little boy sparred with friends at school, outdoing his peers with the killer line: 'My dad will be king so you better watch out'."

George was reportedly told of his future role as a monarch in a "controlled moment" of William and Kate's choice, which was believed to have been "sometime around his seventh birthday".

"William's aim as a father, the prince stressed, was to give his son 'a normal family upbringing', enabling the monarchy 'to stay relevant and keep up with modern times'."

The young prince was given a role at Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral, walking behind Her Majesty's coffin alongside his sister Princess Charlotte.

Prince Harry and Meghan hire bodyguard with history of domestic abuse

Pere Daobry pictured with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at London Euston station in September - Mega Agency
Pere Daobry pictured with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at London Euston station in September - Mega Agency

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were protected during their visit to Britain by a bodyguard who has been convicted of domestic violence.

The couple, who made private security arrangements for their trip to the UK, were photographed being driven by Pere Daobry.

Mr Daobry, a former Metropolitan Police firearms officer, has previously been convicted of assault for attacking his then-wife. He was spared jail after telephoning 999 himself.

He is now believed to be working for a private security firm and was photographed in the Sussexes’ car alongside their long-standing protection officer.

The Duke and Duchess were not aware of the conviction.

The Duchess in particular has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights, speaking about the "crisis state" of gender-based violence during her 2019 visit to South Africa.

Then, during a visit to ActionAid, she spoke about the “key” importance of women being supported after reporting gender-based violence and holding men and boys accountable for their actions.

Speaking of her visit to local communities, she said it was essential “that when they tell somebody, that somebody does something”, adding that if "everyone is saying ‘well that’s just what is done, that’s just how it is’ ... you’re shamed into not talking about it, even though you are the victim”.

Genesis, a women's shelter and support group, is among the organisations supported with a grant from the Sussexes’ Archewell Foundation.

Mr Daobry’s father confirmed his son was the man photographed working as a personal bodyguard for the Duke and the Duchess.

Speaking at his family home in Edmonton, north London, Mr Daobry Snr said: “Yes, that is my son in the photographs with Harry and Meghan but I don’t want to make any comment about his job. He is a grown man with four children and can speak for himself.”

He refused to comment on his son’s conviction for domestic violence against his ex-wife, who is believed to have later taken her own life, and whether it was appropriate for him to be working for the Duchess given her strong support for victims of violence and women’s rights.

“Why should I comment? Ask him. I have nothing to say,” said Mr Daobry Snr.

The bodyguard is one of several employed to protect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their trip to the UK and Germany.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed longer in the UK than originally planned, following Queen Elizabeth II's death - Alkis Konstantinidis/AFP via Getty Images
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed longer in the UK than originally planned, following Queen Elizabeth II's death - Alkis Konstantinidis/AFP via Getty Images

The Duke is currently embroiled in a dispute over whether his family should qualify for Metropolitan Police protection whenever they are in the UK.

He is currently in the middle of a court battle with the Home Office, this summer winning the right to challenge its decision not to grant him automatic police protection.

During the couple’s visit to Europe, which was supposed to last four days but was extended after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, they used private protection to attend an event in Manchester and during a one-day trip to the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf.

One bodyguard, MailOnline reported, was Pere Daobry, 51, who was photographed driving them from their Frogmore Cottage home to London Euston station.

In Sept 2016, he was convicted at Colchester Magistrates’ Court of assault after attacking his wife, Sarah Jay.

Pere Daobry pictured with Sarah Jay in 2015 - East News Press Agency
Pere Daobry pictured with Sarah Jay in 2015 - East News Press Agency

Mrs Jay, a former Essex Police sergeant, had endured a minute-long attack in which he throttled her with both hands after she told him she no longer loved him, according to court reports at the time.

He was given a 12-week suspended sentence. The chairman of the magistrates’ court bench called it a “very unpleasant assault on Mrs Jay” which left her “clearly terrified”, but added that Mr Daobry had the “decency” to ring 999 afterwards.

@king Charles

 It is up to British people in fact those who support monarchy(just as I have and will continue to support other monarchies) if it was and is okay for you to act against me the way you did....not little mindless you, you little crazy fuck. Here important issue is "THE WAY I DID" not paper in your head.

Someone like yourself, I would even take British citizenship away from if I are unworthy of one. You are British today because of me.  You, values you represented yourself were most often those of Sussy Baka planet.... Contrary to you, every country in the world accepted me. Everybody loved me. From Japan to Chile and Canada(even in China) people at least knew while I acted crazy, I was real(had a great reason to act under given circumstances the way I did - yet I never failed)...

So go to your British immigration and learn to pass entry requirement for British citizenship - tell them you are king Charles and they will help you with entrance exam(they little quiz in US)

Your kind(g) need $100.000 per year in the pocket with extra security and freebies to exist. Are available on all corners of this globe...I have done it(YOU AND THOSE WHOM YOU GOD FATHERED FORCED ME INTO DEATH) on budget $2000 within last 18 years.

Walking down the street with people saluting and my knowing they see in me someone else saluting too...f**** that. You are a fucking crybaby chicken Joseph Charles Stalin with

people who support you indifferent from your Soviet royal role model. 

Those Who Vote Decide Nothing Those Who Count The Votes Decide Everything - Joseph Charles Mountbatten Stalin Windsor...

Yeah, you really have to have a special taste to love it every day each day all over the British media.....




You can FREELY post and share for free anywhere in the world, but without the right to charge for content or modify blog posts(or to add whatever is not mine to one) in any way. With my being cut even from healthcare for which mother is paying out of her own pocket to look legitimate as possible(with so many royals writing their own memoirs for so many years already without releasing single one), I figured out is in my best interest to share here seen with you world.

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