Sunday, October 2, 2022

For Joachim, however, I was told by Harry and Joachim alone is son of Charles

Charles also stated me will have make few out of blue recognition of which I would be one of them on
what one would disappear(AND EVEN BLAME ME FOR IT). In my eyes even that other royalties and politicians never ever reached such level, it is a British horror. What Phillip already have done with his  departure without "goodbye" in person is according to my standards heavy insult. Joachim and Harry became best palls since Harry knew for himself. MK Ultra in Denmark with Charles in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 was about Charles only... Harry was quite possessed with Joachim(healthy relationship - admired Joachim) - no jealousy whatever. Danish princes and princesses whatever will gain their titles back....yes, I took note about Nikolai and his mother(daughter of Henri Marie Jean Marie de Monpezat at whose home in France I also spent time).

blah blah

Not that Andrew minded Denmark...ohh not Andrew not(as long as he was waked up by a "trusted" person - next to "trusted" person).


Joachim most likely NOT son of Charles as Charles alone stated me would never recognize one even if one was his biological product...royal scam was a scam used to disburse my pointing out MK Ultra issue about  , so i take back whatever I stated above in respect to Joachim's bloodline and truly is none of my business other than to expose criminal minds of those at the top of British state who fiddle while world crumbles and people whom they ruined life struggle to stay alive...

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