Friday, January 10, 2020

The one who blew Ukrainian plane from blue sky was Donald Trump - your American president and its a fact undeniable

One way or the other - most likely plane was blown via setup from American side and if not - who was the one who caused tensions in Iran which brought entire society into "death to America" chant !!????

And Donald Trump does have personal problem with Ukraine(strange that Ukrainian plane would get hit - not too long ago we had plane hit above Ukraine) - not a secret. It doesn't have to be necessary Iran as dude in the White House is as mentally ill as it gets.

Iran also denies involvement in accident similar to the one in Ukraine.

I do not defend Iranian chant in any way and believe country itself needs urgent change, but that we would witness yet another massacre in area is for me also unacceptable. Situation didnt improved much for countries bombed by Nato - see what Syria looks like - Iraq, Libya etc...

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