Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Zgierz area - Ivanka Trump locations(horse riding hysteria)

Behaved like a Queen in Poland. When Trump demanded to treat me as insane(he tried on several occasions but was rebuffed on each occasion is what I was told - he even tried to humiliate me at the entry into the cathedral along with Ivanka/Eric/Jr. known as Sanktuarium św. Antoniego Padewskiego - when I saw one last year it angered me tremendously - Trump adheres to what is known as Odinism and not even Christianiaty if he was going to use this for his commercial in any way - Christ was a dissident in his eyes, he is using Christianity as a form of dissidence against Polish and other Eastern European governments), Poles declined so. They instead corrected(reminded one) criminal about his deeds.

Was here already in 1999 and even earlier as it became evident. There was a hostel(one of the buildings rearranged into club for unequal society members - now private type of addiction recovery / mental hospital facility) here long time ago...

I would rather not even go into how I was treated along Trumpet and what I was told when subjected to MKultra torture. I can tell you that anyone of you would run as hell if one would come anywhere even close after what was done to me in Slovenia. Polish owners, however, are very nice people who embraced me for his own.

 I have audio recorded whole thing about 6 months ago. Trump implicated himself also in real estate financial transaction(yet another scam) via which he made some money :))) Ohhh Trupets Trumpets :)))) the worst is about to be revealed in few days.

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