Monday, January 20, 2020

Everything is normal.

Two knives(one was a multi tool) stolen withing last week, tools set stolen, glues stolen(you buy to be stolen basically - things stolen are basic things you need in almost every day life or things concerning problems you inherited with car purchase), more stolen that makes no longer even sense to write about and Mercedes banging car alarm on each occasion during my stop at parking where I leave car. Car has an engine problem which disallows one to drive with winter prepared coolant inside of the city. Its an old problem others complained about. Seats parked on parking lot. Money thrown(sure would be great not to loose time repairing one and even more if one could be used as transportation vehicle with which you could earn money - but its not like this - Duda had different plans in mind and off course all this helps me a lot because I need it to prove my case - thank you very much) away basically.

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