Saturday, January 18, 2020

Nothing more beautiful than a night stay at cheap hostel and the next morning no longer be yourself(EVER AGAIN)

I now know something very very bad happened for fact in my case. I was told by niece's husband(doctor of science far more advanced than Elon Musk) about computer neuralink connection implanted in me in 2010(they will control you via computer and its something that didn't make no sense to me). Bluetooth that plays role in my life and nothing I possibly could do about it other than jump from bridge.

Neuralink along with Musk should be place on terror list and inspected for crimes against humanity thoroughly.

Although not being aware of other methods my brain would process than MKultra brainwash, anything is possible and very disturbing even if altering decision process to slightest degree. Off course this is dangerous deadly and without permission(violent like it or not per government) used method.

Person whose mind can be red or controlled via mentioned technology to degree Musk suggests is no longer a human being, but instead controlled garbage(junk ranking bellow animal status).

World more dangerous than ever was before.

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