Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Lodz city with soul

Psychologist I have spoken often about and despite all a female hero. She is the real reason for my firm believes in Poland.
@Justka...you are the best of Poland.

Will not forget the day when brought here - just wish I could do more for you all.

Poland's young generations have a lot to offer. Its thanks to parents grandparents that they carry with them a good human conscious.

She really never gave up on me....strange girl😁😂

Once here seen work was completed, I was brought(under MKultra) to see one with group of young Polish people I cite, "because you blah blah and tralalala, we came up with this lalala...our message..."

Anyhow, old Netanyahu concluded I was a bad bad example for nazis😂😂 despite all. I cite him, "He likes our women too much to be real nazi"(I did nothing but flirt with ladies when brought from  door to door on the leash - must have been by far the worst MKultra subject in the history of all MKultra 😂disasters).

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