Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Putin up to no good - his lapdog Satanowski praising Stalin for what he alone regreted - killing of Polish soldiers in Katyn

In return, Stalin returned Poland her historical borders. I regret anger from the other day. Unemployment extremely sensitive issue for me specially when when considering circumstances I found myself in here, but my desire to help Polish people in hope they will help others(so we can all grow together) still deeply prevails. https://www.msn.com/pl-pl/wiadomosci/opinie/rosyjska-kampania-przeciw-polsce-się-rozpędza-józef-stalin-miał-rację-nakazując-mord-w-katyniu/ar-BBZbMQO?li=BBr5MK7

Woman I want in Poland has half Russian child. There are things in life that matter more than Polish Russian or Slovenian...

Stalin knew strong Poland is a strong defense for Russia.

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