Friday, January 17, 2020

Zgierz job market won see me again - unemployment situation in Lodz may end soon as well

Noticed aggressive job ads appearing in OLX for Zgierz during last week - under MKultra brainwashed how job market was actually better up there and imaginary me(impersonators) had to move again back in area etc.

Will not happen. No need to advertise further and my OLX record will confirm you here stated. If Pabianice offers job, dont be surprised same cases will take place with Lodz.

Told on how I will be reminded(provocated) with daily question if I did found job - well, I am glad people ask such question rather than to see one as insult. I am glad that people remind what case should be. I am happy to be around people I am - love this hostel.

I love Zgierz and Lodz, and prefer area by my preference is subject to financial extortion which I will nit allow. Some dreamed how they will move me back and forth with issues like this(empty my account as the case was with computers and then either return money to account or get job etc)...lets see how that goes.

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