Friday, January 17, 2020

After play with lodging/cars/jobs - same situation as in US and elsewhere on job market follows up on me - its called blacklisting and Czechs have acknowledged one as ultimate Polish crime

Biggest supporter from Eastern Europe was in fact Czech republic which insisted on how I shouldn't even spend time in Poland. Go there and get out as soon as you have done your things.

 Czechs were very angry with Polish conduct for which they have predicted would also become issue of employment. And so we go...neonazi American Chris from Colorado(son out of wedlock from Donald Trump) covered much of Lodz area as far as jobs(not only lodging and other aspects of life, but jobs were his main priority - get me inside of companies and have me tortured in there if only possible). Polish government gave one open hands to engage in crime as pleased. Dragged me just as case was with lodging, like a dog on the leesh from door to door - have people ridicule me and was creating plots on what Polish government was obligated(I can confirm they stick to crime scenarios to the last millimeter) to follow up on themwith my present situation. Chris targeted individual who would be crippled with idea to get one murdered by depriving one of absolutely any chance for survival one would have.

It doesn't matter if qualified - it doesn't matter even if needed by businesses - WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT EMPLOYERS ALONE ARE ALLOWED TO OFFER OR NOT - it always breaks down to selection from the past thus giving me no option other than to comply with crime in a same form as case was with it or not(they summoned to jobs where brought by this hoologan nazi and blocked me from employment where otherwise I would get one so I could be compelled to follow his trace of death).

Waste time on job search(this is what this is) rather than to learn language, develop my own company, improve job situation etc...questions followed "how is your Polish language etc.."(and I obligated to act like a idiot).

Poland took bribe from West for the cost of what could and easily can end in breakup of Slavic unity. Disaster only Putin(I know Russians don't) embraced- embraced because he needs scape goat at this point and time for what he created in Donetsk/Crimea.

 when they starve enough financially because they need to starve to get what they need on next step. Poland is a fascist as it gets state. Talking about you LODZ/ZGIERZ. YOU ARE A CORRUPT CRIMINAL FUCKUPS THAT WOULD MAKE WORLD THROW UP.

You didn't rent when I applied !!???? You didn't employed when I applied !!???? 

WHY !!?????

You think guilty is only the one who causes the damage and not you who participated in compelling me to the next ordeal !???? OK NO PROBLEM

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