Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Yahoo bombarding(obsession) with news on dyeing mothers(pregnancy) after 35

You dont have to have kids. Get yourself instead Ferrari, gym membership, and Starbucks coffee every day...cheers. 5 x 5 = 40 per 100.000

Why would any woman want children after 40, I do not know. I know I want them at age 48 and will want yo make up for what they screwed me throughout life even at 60 - but thats just me.

Truly Hawaii and all that "great" isnt worth risk.

Good luck.

Yeah dyeing
Women aged 35 or older have a risk of dying frompregnancy-related causes almost three times as high as that among women aged 25-29. According to a population-based study among U.S. women, the risk is roughly twice as high for women aged 35-39 and five times as high for women aged 40 or older.

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