Tuesday, January 14, 2020

British Royals repeated time and again I would be asked if Poles deserved

Well, you know answer to this question more than what I do. To keep silent about crime so severe and condition one's sanity through issues as described and proven must not be free in that case. No !!???

@royals & instead....so what kinds of people are people in Poland(how about you yourself who did this and attempts to bail out Trump) !!????

Royals also blundered me under MKultra about Roman empire which enslaved Britain for 500 years(insisted me on how I should write about one on blog as territory of today's Slovenia was part of one after bullying me on slave issues - idea behind was for me to anger British even with issue on how they look in mirrors today because of Roman colonisation) and how Donald Trump will be forgiven at whatever costs - William cried for his sake.

@British people....do you deserve this !!????

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