Monday, January 13, 2020

Donald Trump screw Poland to the point one became worse than what situation was under so called communism(real communism never ever even existed in Eastern Europe) - three different work schedules a new normal for Poland which sold herself to lunatic

It wasn't only that I was crippled in Zgierz via most barbaric 3 months long work SIGN BY CONTRACT assignment(three different work schedules per week + 12 hours long shifts with 15 - 20 tones a day pickup from ground 20kg boxes, lift, and place as high as 6 foot), and that directed energy weapons were used excessively at freezing private location where compelled(CONTRACT) along which MKultra car that resulted in catastrophe was also sold...

No no only that and what left me out of work for some time till I got to this no...Trumpet attempted to set me up with small employment office(I was recommended to location from where sent to factory where I spent some time with Chris - have identified one already and have proofs at hand) which would again push me in about same situation as was in the last place. Employment would again lead into CONTRACT via which Polish people are struggling along with criminal three different work schedules which re a new normal in Poland since appearance of Donald Trump - not because they would be productive for Poland, but exactly the opposite. They are designed to KILL POLAND - open doors wide open to foreigners rather than to offer work first to Polish natives. These foreigners, however, are also exploited and have often returned to Ukraine(mostly, but you also have Belarus workers here and there) crippled without dime.

When in US, I came across three different work schedules job and this for a bit over minimum wage only once. With Trump's presidency, however, I noticed small explosion of this type of work conditions also for American workers and its why I call for mutual solidarity before world deteriorates into world of impossible before our eyes.

From jobs to lodging, Trump made THE IMPOSSIBLE(he contracted entire city Zgierz/LODZ into compliance via $$$$) for me to stay in this region, but it was McConnell and others who told me case with his presidency will be till I get out of here. Meaning US government would keep him around White House regardless of crimes he committed and commits.

@CIA - what is your primary(priority) work assignment when you notice irregular(criminal-illegal-and anti-constitutional) presidential activities such Trump have demonstrated !!???? OK, THEN.

@Poland - get your shit together. Nobody in Germany(West) is doing to itself what you are doing(this is a shizomazo bullshit which doesn't fit either to description of communism not capitalism) + you are breaking our Slavic relations for the sake of $$$. 

@Slavs inside of EU(Poles, Czechs, Slovenes, Slovaks etc.) need additional contract with one another. We have real foreigners(Americans torturing us inside of our own countries while demonstrating us beauty of newly funded countries) teaching us what our rights are in our own countries and what not.

Naaah, none of the stuff Trump anticipated yet ;) all at the right time(right place). If anything, I apologize to girl for being a bit sharp this morning(I wouldn't accept job and just wanted to ask few questions after seeing what I saw the other day in the factory) who got a bitter taste of reality.

No "three different work schedules" per week is acceptable type of work for me. 

Can be night or day, but ion steady bases - why ruin yourself when you can have two jobs(something you cant with rotating 12 hour shifts) instead and live normally.

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