Thursday, January 9, 2020

So far three people asked in this hostel(two from Ukraine) and three people identified as 100%

Their homes apartment buildings described and got confirmations as correct. Zero mistakes so far.

When on bust to Hradec Kralowy in Czech rep. I recognized Ukrainian gentleman(half Belorussian) who was there to help me, but due to errors he  alone made (KGB did found out about his involvement in case located near Klotzko - Nowa Ruda), I wasn't capable to point out his exact location. He was reasonably angry(had good reason due to my internet activities) with my conduct sometimes in 2013/2015 and gave them green light to walk me all over Nowa Ruda to confuse on all details previously given to me. I still thank him very much.

There was man from Minsk the other day in Carfour as well - had sports jacket "MINSK" whatever and would like to thank him as well. I was just annoyed that day and wouldn't take time to pay him attention. He too wanted to help. Belarus people wanted to help a lot, but it wasn't Czech republic only where I steared problems under MKultra to KGB only - I didn't stop short of those in Belarus either when brought there. Its where I started to insult KGB infront of Belarussians. It took breath away to KGBs(to Putin's team) who couldn't believe their own eyes what went on in Belarus alone right before their eyes...a bunch of Belarus separatists as a result approached me. I became a notable figure in Belarus without knowing what I cased when subjected to MKultra - American nazis which were with me begun to ignite separatism movement. 

Moscow shattered - shocked due to my conduct(drugged up and brazen as it gets straight into nose of KGB inside of Belarus). In 2015 I would be still proud of problems I cooked whenever wherever I possibly could...what you see on photo is all my work - its when and where movement was born sometimes in 1998(Minsk), but I regret one today(I AM NOT PROUD OF IT EVEN A BIT). I love Belarus just as Russia(there is no Belarus without Russia and no Russia without Belarus) and see both countries as what I believe should be one(now Germans are crossing). My goal is to help both as much as I can. My ultimate goal to remove old conflict between Russia,
Ukraine, and Poland and ensure one would never ever repeat - something as I was told in 1998 would be thing impossible by Kaczynskis....these are beautiful countries. Its where real Slavic world is. One became my passion since 2017 when I attempted to land in Moscow due to lack of necessary documents, but was stopped from boarding plane in Warszaw - redirected through Poland(stopped at Belarus border) instead to Ukraine(people of Lvov also declined to provide me with trip to Russia previously offered when subjected to MKultra inside of the car trunk which I attempted😅😄 to use to present peace plan to Putin personally) and from there in Minsk via plane...

Belarus lawyer Slava and entire immigration services in Belarus...Minsk people - I miss you all. 

Democracy based on strong economics and fundamentals of WWII victory against fascism is what I stand for. Don't let them take  away from you what your grandmas and grandmas fought for...

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