Thursday, January 9, 2020

@KGB in Russia

I knew nothing what I did under MKultra in Belarus till yesterday when I recognized girl from Ukraine.

Your own KGB individual Valerio is deserved for what I created in Belarus. Few other KGB which angered me enough to do what I did in 1998 when there - repeated same as in Czech republic. Know for me to be ashame of it today.

Trump team learned early that making me angry can priduce any kinds of resolts in any part of the world under any circumstabces.  I was terror resistant as it gets.

I now know complete meaning of Merkel's words "man who changed world via his dreams alone".

Off course I have nothing to do with it and I also reject any kind of anti Russian idea.

Your own KGB screw me and Russia. Till yesterday, I wasnt aware of whast I have actually done thanks to Putin.

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