Sunday, January 12, 2020

Merkel's war concept against Russia changed the day I posted fact about my personal involvement in world of Belarys affairs

She didnt waste time. Made reservation to Moscow against whom she plotted war via Eastern European states within minutes.

The one who profitted from within; however, is again yond currupt Putan Putanowich. It shows German speculations in world of Slavic affairs with idea to crush one either via Putin or separatist movements. The real problem behind all these is a mentally retarded politic from Warszaw. Real danger of repeated iron curtain may reappear as a result. Slavic society seems as if lost when it comes to modernization(upgrade) of its painful past.

@Russia and Slavs

Warszaw/Kiev instead of Moscow and Zagreb instead of Ljubljana/Zagreb - things would function okay when compared to centralised powers of the past.

Anyhow - Germany/US were behind protests in Belarus and I am no enemy to Russia. I love people and hate traitors Putan Putanowich(lazy filthy good for nothing Medvedev Lavrov thieves) FREELOADERS alike. Never worked and feeded themselves as parasites at others expense. Ruined my life, killed over 13000 Ukrainians, broke our entire society...

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